My private movement sessions often incorporate some aspects of discussion and inquiry, but if you’re the type who would rather sip some tea and have a chat instead of Down-Dogging your way through the hour, this is the option for you.

Some possible topics are listed below, but I’m here to discuss whatever is “up” for you at the time – let’s look to the root of your life and see what arises.

***These sessions are also available for small groups – a lovely way to connect with people you love. Contact me for details.***


Fully Alive, Fully Human:

If you’ve practiced with me, you know that I’m interested in staying deeply rooted in the world. What I’ve learned is this: we think we’re looking for happiness, but all we really need is the truth – of who we are and how to relate to this wild and crazy life. I can offer the listening ear you need, and I can show you where you might be hiding or not seeing the truth. Cozy conversation, inquiry, and meditation tools lend us a grounded way to approach even the stickiest subjects.

The Teacher’s Seat:

With 5 years and over 1,000 hours of teaching, and 7+ years of yoga and meditation practice and study, I’ve gleaned plenty of lessons about the practice of teaching. And I’m well aware of how many questions come up along the way, the biggest being: Am I enough? (Hint: the answer is always yes!)¬†Whether you’re beginning your teaching path or you’re an experienced teacher who needs to bounce a particular issue off someone, let’s sit down and discuss all things movement and meditation. It can feel lonely in the teacher’s seat – I’m here to remind you that you’re never alone.


1 Hour Online (Zoom) Session: $65.00

5-Session Package: $300.00


Love Notes from Valerie

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