Yoga @ Work

If you + your coworkers or employees…

  • want to feel more steady + less stressed…
  • want to be more focused + productive…
  • need relief from shoulder tightness, back pain, + other sitting-related ailments…

…bring yoga to your workplace!


Why Workplace Yoga?

Whether it’s time or financial constraints, or feeling intimidated by going to a yoga studio for the first time, I’ve heard so many people say, “I know I should be doing yoga but…” Let’s make that a thing of the past! Bring yoga to YOUR workplace, and help your employees and coworkers thrive.

Yoga has been shown to be a highly effective antidote to physical strain, mental fatigue, and stress.

It helps employees feel more connected to their workplace, better in their bodies, more focused and productive, and generally more calm.

What’s not to like?!

How It Works

STEP 1: Lunch + Learn! BYOL (Bring Your Own Lunch) and learn more about how yoga can help you and your coworkers live happier, more productive lives. Starting with a short yoga demo (no workout clothes required!) and ending with a presentation and discussion about the benefits of yoga, you’ll enjoy learning more about how yoga can help employees thrive in the workplace.

Email to schedule: nilson.valerie [at]

STEP 2: Once you’re on board, we’ll work together to find a regular time to meet – mornings, lunchtime, or after work are usually best. A 3- or 6-month contract is required. Other options (45-minute Quick Classes, one-time Workshops, etc.) may be available – just ask!

Email for details: nilson.valerie [at]


Email me anytime: nilson.valerie [@]

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