Hello, Sweet Pea.

I’ve been thinking about “culture” pretty much nonstop lately. What is it? What are we here to grow?

Who are we here to be? And how can we do that together?

It’s important, in a time when the dominant culture is seeing a long-overdue, foundation-cracking shakedown, that we consider what we’re growing.

It’s not enough to point out what’s currently wrong (but point it out we must).

It’s not enough to burn down what’s not working (but burn it down we must).

We are being invited to nourish and care for ourselves.

We are being called forth to nourish and care for each other.

The new culture – the new community – we grow must be grown together. My hands and your hands, planting one seed after another. Checking the soil to make sure it’s still healthy. And just. And loving.

A healthy culture is built by healthy communities, who practice their own healthy traditions and rituals. (And no, I don’t mean, “eat your veggies” – I mean, love one another and don’t ever stop.)

WE need each other.
We NEED each other.
We need EACH other.

We need each OTHER.

This might feel a little scary.

If you put your eggs in my basket, you have to trust that I’ll be careful with them.
You have to trust that even if I break your eggs, I’ll be willing to share my eggs.

Barring that, you have to trust that someone else will swoop in and share their eggs with both of us.

But check this out:

What if there were only one basket on the whole farm, and only one big flock of (happy, free-roaming, well-fed) chickens, and we all committed to gathering eggs for our collective, family-style dinner?

It could be like that.

We could cultivate that.

Can we develop that sort of trust in one another?

Can we ourselves learn to be that trustworthy?

This is unfamiliar territory for most of us. It requires us to be vulnerable. It invites us to ask for what we need. And it asks us to share what we have.

But it’s really just one step at a time, friend. You don’t have to hold the whole vision alone. We’ll hold it together. We’ll bring all of our nourishing traditions and rituals, and we’ll work on our little bit of it. And other culture growers (community growers) will work alongside us.

You’ll see. Soon we’ll have something beautiful, grown right out of the nutritive ashes of what came before.

Community as Culture. Human as Culture.
Earth as Culture. Nature as Culture. Animal as Culture.

Aliveness as Culture. Vitality as Culture.

Us as Culture.

Together as Culture.

With You,




Meditation for Connection

Imagine that there’s someone right next to you – whether it’s someone you know, or a complete stranger.

Really feel them next to you. Notice what it’s like to be this close to someone.

Notice if this is comfortable or uncomfortable for you – either way is fine.

Now, imagine connecting with them in a way that feels right for you. You might envision holding hands, leaning against one another, hugging, or looking each other in the eye.

Stay in that position, feeling the connection between the two of you.

Notice if this is comfortable or uncomfortable – either way is fine.

Breathe deeply.

See if you can gently soften any tension in your body.

After 5-10 breaths, let this practice go.


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