What if the key to less stress, more connection with our loved ones, and deep contentment was a happy nervous system?

It’s a big deal to find tools you can use to support yourself again and again. A really big deal.

I’ve been devouring Stanley Rosenberg’s book on Polyvagal Theory (a theory by Stephen Porges) and finding a lot of relief with his simple exercises. It’s such a pleasant surprise to find that yoga, meditation, and embodied spirituality merge beautifully with this modern theory of how the human nervous system works. You may start to find these exercises popping up in class or private sessions…

Here’s the bottom line if you’re stressed, needing a break, or just plain tired: Yoga, meditation, and breathing can help reset your nervous system. So I’ll see you in class, right?! 🙂

If you want extra support, book a private session with me – we’ll use movement, meditation, breathing, and discussion to help you find not just relief, but more joy and contentment.

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