It’s easy to get enmeshed in the search for freedom FROM: anxiety, depression, being unproductive, feeling tired, loneliness, perfectionism.

Instead of basking in the freedom TO: relax, be present, sleep in, take action from clarity (or take no action at all), choose more naps, connect with loved ones, take risks, and be honest.
The shift is in the turnaround. It’s in the clarity. It’s what we orient ourselves to, like a flower that turns its face toward the sun.

But let’s be clear: I still have anxiety. I still have housework I never seem to get to. I still get lonely and tired and angry, and I still hate myself sometimes for my imperfections. Don’t you?

It’s not that we shouldn’t feel those things (that is a crazy-making spiritual trap, my friends, to think that we should always be happy and healthy and wise). It’s just that we also get to – we DESERVE to – feel these other softer, kinder things. The freedom TO, not from. 

Gratitude to Adyashanti for this insight.