There are two types of people in the world: Warriors and Lovers.

Warriors are the activists. They’re out in the world, working on broad issues like equality, justice, and protecting the environment. They’re the ones changing our political system and our laws so that they reflect what we all know: That all people deserve to be treated with respect. That all people are worthy of Love.

Warriors are the ones who stand up to say, “No. We’ve had enough and we will not allow this to continue.”

Lovers are activists too, but you won’t see them canvassing neighborhoods or marching on Washington. They’re much closer to home. They’re the caretakers, the teachers, the spouses and parents and neighbors. They’re the moms who teach their kids to be kind. They’re the dads who also care for their elderly parents, or the teachers who spend an extra 30 minutes waiting with a kid whose parent is late.

Lovers are the relentless ones who come back again and again, asking, “How can I help today?”

On the one hand, I see the Warriors getting ready – going deep into the shadows, putting on their armor and preparing to do battle. And I applaud them. On the other hand, I see the Lovers, keeping the flames of Love burning in their disappointed hearts. I see them committing even more fully to being the type of people who lead others to Love, to Light. And I applaud them, too.

But there’s been some confusion lately. The Warriors think the Lovers aren’t doing enough. “This isn’t the time for singing kum-ba-ya,” they say. And the Lovers feel lost, like maybe they should be doing more. But in the end, they know that the work they do is essential and cannot – should not – be abandoned.

Let me be clear: We need you both. We need your fierce commitment, Warriors. We need your gentle perspective, Lovers. And we need you as a united front, now more than ever.

(And yes: you can definitely be both – but in my experience, we usually fall more on one side of the fence than the other.)

If you’re a Lover, learn from the Warriors: How can you make a bigger impact?

If you’re a Warrior, learn from the Lovers: How can you be a better listener?

For the sake of us all: do the things that feel natural to you. Be kind to your neighbors; sign petitions; give money, food, or your time to causes you care about; share your views in a gentle way; listen to others in return. Ask how you can help. Allow yourself to feel both saddened and hopeful, angry and compassionate.

Let your natural leanings become the foundation of this new beginning. Let your work shine forth, and know that what you do matters. You matter.



P.S. Have a wonderful Holiday season. Many blessings to you and your family.

P.P.S. If you need to feel steady right now, as a Warrior or a Lover, check out my new yoga video. 15-ish minutes of simple, gentle standing poses to help you feel grounded, stable, and strong.