We humans have to make a thousand-bajillion decisions every day. (Okay, a thousand-bajiliion is not a real number. But sometimes it feels accurate, right?)

Some of the decisions we make are great, some don’t really matter… and some are, well, kinda crappy.

Look, I’m not here to tell what you what to do. I’ll support you no matter what. But I do care about how you make your decisions, because each one comes with the ability to serve your Highest – or not.

What’s my Highest, you ask?

It’s your potential to feel open and committed to your own growth.
It’s the connection you create within yourself and to the people around you.
It’s your ability to take action
and be creative.

When you’re making a decision, especially a hard one, ask yourself:
Does this serve my Highest?

Think about it. Journal your answers. Be honest.

And then, whatever decision you make – make it boldly. But only after you examine it thoroughly, so that you know where you stand and why you’re there.

When you create clarity like that, you’re living at your Highest.

And that’s when the magic happens.