When terrible things happen, we begin to ask the questions, “What can I do? How can I help?”
And while there are many answers to those questions, and infinite ways we can respond to tragedy, when we are on our mats as yogis, it is our responsibility and our privilege to be a light in the world – for understanding, for peace, for brother- and sisterhood.
So here we are, in our places so far away from the destruction and the pain. But we can commune in our hearts with those hurting and offer our support and uplifting light in this very moment, knowing that by doing so, we become beacons of peace to those around us, and that peace is passed forward many times over.
As you move through your yoga practice, and the rest of your day, consider breathing in white light, right into your heart. Imagine that every inhalation brings in more and more, until you are so bright that we can see nothing other than your light.
And then gently move through your day, allowing your light to shine on those around you, speaking softly and without judgment, opening your heart and sharing yourself with those you meet.
Yoga is a form of activism, to be sure. You are offering the best of humanity in this time of great suffering. That is truly something miraculous.
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