Whatever path we’re on, whatever has happened in our lives up to this moment, we’re all in a state of healing. We’re healing old wounds… past hurts… resentments and rifts.

This is the human condition: To become more than we were before.

Not “better”, but more graceful, more wise. And healing allows us to do that.

So today (and every day), consider the ways in which you harden, the methods with which you protect yourself.

You might hold tension in your body. You may be reactive and harsh toward your family. Maybe you avoid hard conversations or ignore your spiritual practices.

Whatever it is, find it. Find it, and name it. And write it down.

Then, quietly and gently see if you can begin to soften it. Maybe you can even let it go a little. In that moment, in that softening, you are healing. You are unquestionably and thankfully becoming more whole.

You are becoming more than you were before.

To your healing and to our collective healing – because it’s the only way we can honor healing in others. It’s the only way to show our children how to be divine humans. And it’s the only path to true peace for yourself and others.