A Little About My Journey…

Until 2012, I was a “yoga dabbler”… a class here, a video there, nothing consistent or noteworthy. Then, after my grandmother died and my grandfather was diagnosed with terminal cancer, I knew I needed something that could help me feel less worried, sad, and alone.

I started doing yoga, and it helped immediately. One class was all it took to bring me back to center, back to myself. It’s strange – many people report a deepening of spirituality after a tragedy. It’s like we need to be broken apart in order to make ourselves more whole.

I have found that the philosophy and practice of yoga helps in all facets of my life – I feel more in touch with myself and more aware of my (very human) habits that make it hard to stay happy. To this day, all I need is 15 minutes on the mat to feel transformed.

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photo: be love yoga studio
photo: be love yoga studio

My Classes

My classes bring a little bit of everything I’ve learned from my teachers: awareness of the body and the mind, openness to the present moment, and frankly, not trying so damn hard.

If you’re not sure about yoga, I’ll say this: try it once. Book a private session or go to a class, but just get on a mat and see how you feel. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

My Education

I loved Whole Yoga in Denver from the start – it’s so open and accessible to every person, not just to the people who can do handstands in the middle of the room (not me!)

Whole Yoga is part of the Shambhava Yoga lineage, a heart-centered, meditation-focused practice that emphasizes paying attention to what’s happening in the moment.

I’m a lifelong student – yoga philosophy, spiritual traditions, movement + biomechanics, anatomy, psychology, embodied meditation… the list is constantly growing. To see a study guide and resources that can guide our spiritual path, click here.

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